In all of our communications, UBC aspires to excellence. When we advertise UBC — whether as a unit, department, faculty or individual — we are representing the University. Our external messages should embody our values, identity and personality. Responsible advertising reinforces our reputation and credibility. Advertising should promote UBC as a leading university where open thinking leads to ideas that change the world.

Undermining our credibility with overtly promotional, poorly designed advertising that doesn’t adhere to our guidelines damages our reputation as an organization. Our advertising should be instantly recognizable as coming from UBC because of its integrity, well-articulated message and clean, confident design and official typography.

For departments wishing to advertise faculty and staff opportunities, please contact UBC Human Resources. Our HR professionals will help you partner with experts in recruitment advertising, saving you time and resources.

Key Considerations for Advertisements

Key Considerations for Advertisements

Tell a story.

For advertising to work, emotions have to be engaged.

Instant recognition.

Please use the full UBC Signature (with the full university name spelled out) or your unit or faculty’s UBC unit signature.

By the book.

All UBC advertising must adhere to Policy #112.

Focus on our message.

Templates have been created so you can focus on what you are trying to convey. Keep it simple and concise; too much text dilutes your message.

Keep it consistent.

Ideally, the UBC colour palette and official typography should be used.

Print Advertising Templates

Print Advertising Templates

Digital Advertising Templates

Digital Advertising Templates

Digital Advertising Bar — Square

Please use this template when creating digital ads that are 250x250 px.

Digital Advertising Bar — Leaderboard

Please use this template when creating digital ads that are 728x90 px.

Digital Advertising Bar — Skyscraper

Please use this template when creating digital ads that are 160x600 px.

Visual Identity Guidelines

Visual Identity Guidelines

UBC Visual Identity Guidelines

Review our Visual Identity Guidelines for information on how to use the advertising bars in your creative work.