Digital Signage

Digital signage has broad, consistent reach across our campuses

Our digital communications are consumed on multiple screens and devices, and by a broad range of audiences. At UBC, our digital signage network is an influential digital tool that provides messaging to the entire university and is a central resource for communicators.

As a university-wide system, digital signage should be integrated into your strategic communications. The platform is an opportunity to create unique content for a variety of purposes, including announcements; events; campus updates; student, staff, and faculty activities; story content; weather advisories and emergency information, when necessary.

Creating digital signage content appears deceptively simple. But attracting and maintaining attention on digital screens demands creativity, design knowledge and technical skill.

Key Considerations

Key Considerations for Digital Signage

What does ‘On-Brand’ digital signage look like?

Visually harmonious with a complimentary colour palette, clean and simple typography that is easily understood and striking imagery that collectively support the message.

Is it accessible for a broad range of audiences?

Is the type legible, the copy concise and the motion subtle? Consider the nature of the physical display on which that your content appears; this is crucial to delivering an impactful message that is well understood by your audience.

Is there a clear call to action?

Can your message be consumed and understood within 5 to 8 seconds? Will the viewer know where to find more information or act upon your message?

Does it speak to a specific audience?

Identify your audience. Provide a good experience for the viewer by shaping your content. You can do this through colours, striking portraits, and intriguing shapes or architecture that appeal to students, staff and faculty in different disciplines.

Is your message relevant?

Does it provide timely information? Ensure your content is relevant to the time of day at which it is programmed to be displayed. For complete content guidelines on how to incorporate digital signage into your communications, please visit UBC Digital Signage Service.

Full Guidelines

Full Guidelines

Full Digital Signage Guidelines

Visit the digital signage website for comprehensive directions on how to create and submit your project.



Digital Signage Templates

These PowerPoint templates can be utilized to create a simple yet effective digital signage message.