Planning Documents, Policies and Best Practice Guides

Communications Planning Documents

Communications Planning Documents

This is your one-stop-shop for planning documents. They are simply formatted which make them easy to download and share with your team.

Creative Brief

To help in the planning stages of creating any strategy, we recommend using our Creative Brief template as a starting off point.

Take to Market Plan Template

For more tactical planning, our Take to Market Plan template provides some form and function.

Post-Implementation Report

Our Post-Implementation-Review (PIR) is a post-project analysis for reporting on the effectiveness of your work.

UBC Brand Rules

UBC Brand Rules

Navigate UBC’s visual identity with confidence. Understand design terminology, core visual ID elements and applications.

Best Practice Guide Library

Best Practice Guide Library

Whether you are familiarizing yourself with the UBC brand or just wanting to take a deeper dive into a particular communications discipline, these best practice guides will enhance your knowledge and ability to execute the UBC brand.

Brand Editorial Style Guide

These guidelines aim to help UBC communicators adopt a consistent brand style and offer a reference for university terms and inclusive language best practices.

Indigenous Communications Guide

UBC communications are inclusive, respectful and sensitive to a richly diverse community. This guide will help you to understand the correct terminology to use when writing about Indigenous peoples.

Infographic Planning Guide

This guide will help UBC communicators understand infographics, and gain an awareness of the needs and processes required to create a successful one.

Interior Signage Guidelines

Best practices for the design and installation of signs inside UBC’s buildings.

Photography Best Practice Guidelines

This guide will help you navigate creating your own photography or assist you in briefing and producing shoots with our UBC Photographer or other professional freelance photographers.

Social Media Best Practice Guidelines

These best practices will help you succeed at managing and creating exceptional content for your UBC social media channels.

UBC Wayfinding Signage Standards and Guidelines

Comprehensive guidelines for the creation, installation and maintenance of wayfinding and signage systems on UBC’s campuses.

Please email for the most recent guidelines.

E-newsletter Guide

This guide outlines email considerations at UBC, and helps you set up an on-brand e-newsletter.

Voice and Tone Guide

Understand UBC’s unique voice and tone, and find concrete examples to support communications work at UBC.

Guidelines for Respectful Image Usage

This guide offers practices and considerations to assist content producers working with images. It also addresses the appropriate use of Indigenous imagery.

Other Useful Documents

Other Useful Documents

Consent To Use Of Image Form

Planning on taking pictures or videos with people in them? This consent to use of image form needs to be completed by all involved before the image or video can be published. More information about the process can be found in the FAQs.

UBC Coat of Arms Policy

The Coat of Arms has been an integral part of the university since its inception in 1915. The University Ceremonies Office, in collaboration with Communications and Marketing, holds stewardship of the university’s Coat of Arms and the Motto. Please review these guidelines before using the UBC Coat of Arms.

Campus Banner Protocol and Checklist

Campus pole banners can play an important role in animating people at the university. Due to their limited supply, a protocol has been created to govern access to the pole banner inventory.

“About UBC” Brand Copy

Need a short description of UBC for a report, presentation, or website? Download our official boilerplate message.

Social Media Moderation Guidelines and Response Framework

Learn how to respond to various social media posts, and what UBC’s policies are regarding posting moderation.

Policy & Governance

Policy & Governance

UBC’s visual identity is fundamental to the university brand story. Each element serves to engage and compel our audiences. Following UBC’s brand identity guidelines will help ensure faculties, institutes, centres and administrative units are immediately recognized as part of UBC. This legitimacy and credibility reinforces positive perceptions associated with the university.

Trademarked Assets

Brand identity guidelines prevent external parties from trading improperly upon our university’s reputation. Please review our trademarked assets to avoid trademark infringement.

Third-Party Requests

All third-party requests to use a trademark of The University of British Columbia need written permission from the Office of University Counsel.

Visual Identity Policy

All faculties, departments and units must follow UBC’s brand (visual) identity policy so that we collectively contribute to a strong and unified visual identity for UBC. We believe that careful attention to our visual presence in this way helps the important work we are doing as a university gets noticed, recognized and remembered.

UBC Brand Policy

The office of UBC Brand and Marketing manages the oversight and project management of the UBC Brand. For situations or applications that are not covered by the Brand Identity Policy GA7, please contact UBC Brand & Marketing.