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Email marketing can be an effective way to increase both reach and engagement with your audience. With the right strategy and tools in place, your e-newsletters can become a trusted source of information for timely and relevant updates, encouraging readers to engage with you and your other communications channels.

There are many tools for creating and distributing e-newsletters, and we encourage you to use the solution that meets your unit’s needs while adhering to UBC’s email standards.

Key Considerations for HTML Emails

Key Considerations for HTML Emails

Protecting personal information

With the personalized nature of HTML email communication, it is important to remember that as a public organization, UBC is responsible for adhering to the latest policies and laws mandated by privacy and anti-spam legislation.

If you are planning on creating and distributing e-newsletters, please familiarize yourself with UBC’s policies to ensure that you are following all of the guidelines, policies, and legislation that apply to your situation.

Learn more about Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and your responsibilities for protecting personal information through University Counsel's general information and guidance on protection of privacy.

Sending emails to students

Any service used for sending emails to students, where there is no reasonable option for students to opt out, must be able to confirm that data is not moving outside of Canada (in accordance with FIPPA). Learn more about FIPPA from University Counsel's Fact Sheets.

Mass mailing tool for the university

The Communications portfolio is sponsoring a project with UBC IT to help identify and secure a mass mailing solution for UBC that addresses the varied needs of UBC communicators through a solution provider that meets FIPPA requirements. At this point in time, the project is being reviewed for prioritization. Until this project moves forward, there is no preferred solution for the university.

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Email Templates

HTML Email Templates

These template packages include all the HTML and CSS markup needed for a baseline HTML email that includes UBC visual identity elements, standardized typography, and a single-column layout that has been tested across devices and email software.

Please note: These templates are provided as-is. Due to the varying nature of mass mailing needs, we are unable to provide customized templates nor offer support with implementation. For help, please work with your mass mailing service provider.