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UBC Logo and Visual Identity Assets

Get the visual building blocks of the UBC brand. Learn more about UBC’s logo, signature options and the core elements that make up our visual identity.

UBC Logo

UBC Logo

Our logo, which is comprised of our crest and our wordmark, represents the bigger idea of UBC, its people and its value as a place of innovation and education. Use the logo with pride as you represent UBC in your communications.

UBC offers a suite of brand marks, which are described below. All of these offerings can be downloaded further down this page. For detailed guidelines on how to use (and not use) the signature, please refer to the Visual Identity Guidelines.

As with any trademark, the alteration or misuse of the UBC logo is strictly prohibited. If you are unsure or need assistance using our official UBC logo, please reach out to Brand and Marketing.

Primary Logo

Full Signature

The UBC Full Signature is the primary signature to be used on all applications. Please ensure that the signature is reproduced at a legible size.

Secondary Logos

In instances where the space provided is too small for the full signature to be legible, or in special occasions when the use of the full signature would be unsuitable, please use one of the secondary logos. In situations where you need your unit or faculty’s name, please use a Unit Signature.


The UBC Crest can be used for promotional purposes where the audience is already familiar with the UBC Brand and in applications where there is insufficient space for a Full or Narrow Signature.


The UBC Letterforms should only be used in special applications, such as the UBC Short Form Unit Signatures, social media avatars and vehicle livery.


The UBC Wordmark may be used on its own in special applications. Its use should always include the UBC Crest or the UBC Coat of Arms elsewhere on the layout, such as on a certificate.

Narrow Signature

The UBC Narrow Signature is a less formal version and is to be used only when there are severe space restrictions, such as narrow web ads or banners.

Faculty/Unit Specific Marks

Unit Signatures

Unit signatures identify a faculty or department as being clearly part of UBC without diluting the brand.

Brand and Marketing will supply all faculties and departments with a standardized unit signature package. Please contact us to request a unit signature package, or to inquire about delivery timelines.

For unit signature usage guidelines, please refer to the Visual Identity Guidelines.

Logo, Wordmark and Signature Downloads


UBC Logos: Complete Design Package

Working with print, web, and motion files? This package has you covered. It contains the complete suite of UBC’s logos in all available colours, file types, and colour modes (PMS, CMYK and RGB). You’ll find the file you need, no matter what the project is.

UBC Logos: Web and Screen Essentials Package

If you work primarily on web and screen projects, this edited package gives you logos that have been set up just for screen and website use.

UBC Logos: Microsoft Office Essentials Package

Is Microsoft Word your go-to program? This package contains logos for Microsoft Office applications, such as Word and PowerPoint, as well as other desktop publishing programs like Pages and Keynote.

Visual Identity Elements

Visual Identity Elements


Our institutional fonts are available for free to UBC faculties and units. Whitney, UBC’s primary font, can be downloaded as a desktop font or a website font. Our secondary font, Guardian Egyptian, is only available as a desktop font. Please note that neither font is available for use in apps or ebooks.

For external consultants and students, Whitney can be purchased through Hoefler & Co. and Guardian Egyptian can be purchased through Commercial Type.

Colour Palette

Get the right colour match to UBC Blue, as well as the brand’s secondary colours, with this colour guide.

Need a quick way to add UBC’s colours to your design project? Download the Adobe Creative Cloud palette package for palettes in PMS, CMYK and RGB modes.

UBC Photography

Our brand photography library helps make your content shine a little brighter across all of your channels.

Visual Identity Guides

Visual Identity Guides

Visual Identity Guidelines

Download the best practice guide PDF for more details about visual identity at UBC.

UBC Coat of Arms Policy

The University Ceremonies Office, in collaboration with Communications and Marketing, holds stewardship of the university’s Coat of Arms and the Motto. Please review these guidelines before using the UBC Coat of Arms.