UBC Brand Updates

UBC Brand Updates

Find out the latest news about the UBC Brand.

September 25, 2019 — UBC publication tabs now available

September 25, 2019

Are you working on a print publication for an audience that is already familiar with UBC? If so, consider using a UBC publication tab on the cover in place of the UBC publication bar. This graphic device takes up less real space on a cover while maintaining brand standards. You can download the UBC publication tab files here.

Please note: If your publication is for audiences that may not be familiar with UBC, such as prospective students or international readers, the UBC publication bar is the preferred graphic device.

April 26, 2019 — E-newsletter templates available

April 26, 2019

On-brand e-newsletter templates are now available. There is a basic HTML template for communicators who feel comfortable building e-newsletters with code. As well, there are templates available for use in two popular email services, Campaigner and Mailchimp.

Before using the templates, please read the accompanying Brand E-newsletter Guide to learn about email protocol at UBC and about how to use the templates with Campaigner and Mailchimp.

Please note: These templates are provided as-is. Due to the varying nature of mass mailing needs, we are unable to provide customized templates nor offer support with implementation. For help, please work with your mass mailing service provider.

Find the templates here.

December 18, 2018 — UBC photography rates and photo shoot preparation tips

December 18, 2018

UBC’s award-winning university photographer, Paul Joseph, offers the university community high quality photography at very reasonable rates. For booking details, photo shoot preparation advice, and Paul’s current rates and fees for 2019, please download the Photography Booking Guide.

For further inquiries or to book a photography session with Paul Joseph, please contact us.

October 16, 2018 — Updated Indigenous Peoples Language Guidelines

October 16, 2018

An updated version of UBC’s Indigenous Peoples Language Guidelines is available for download here.

The updated guide, which is created by the First Nations House of Learning, includes an expanded recognition section and additional terms of reference.

September 28, 2018 — Brand campaign launch

September 28, 2018

UBC has launched “The potential is yours” campaign. Featuring UBC faculty and students, the campaign highlights the importance of UBC’s research and teaching mission, and positions UBC as a university tackling society’s largest challenges, like brain health and sustainability. The campaign is also designed to stand out amongst other university campaigns and capture the attention of the general public.

The campaign will run on national TV, newspaper, online video, digital advertising and social media in two waves from September to November 2018 and again from January to March 2019. Learn more about the campaign here.

Visit the campaign website at ourpotential.ca.