Keep it simple.

Our templates and assets are designed to support your communications work at UBC and help make life a little simpler. On this page you will find our inventory of templates and assets are organized into key areas of use and familiarity.

Let Us Help

Confident you know what you need? Download and Go.

Need a UBC logo, signature, colour or font?

You can find everything you need for visual identity elements including signatures and logos, fonts, colour palette, and coat of arms protocol.

Need business cards, letterhead or a Word template for letters?

Order UBC stationery and templates.

Just starting at UBC and need to get your signature sorted?

Check out our email signature generator.

Hired as a new vendor to UBC?

Start with our story, this will help orient you to our brand.

Need to have more details about how to implement the UBC brand?

Our collection of best practice guides will answer any of your outstanding questions in detail.

Dive In

Confident you know what you need? Dive directly in.

Creating a publication or presentation?

Find our publication bars, research poster bars and Powerpoint templates.

Launching a website or social media channel?

Get the CLF template or order a UBC social media avatar.

Responsible for getting an ad out into the world?

Please read up on our guidelines and download our templates before publishing.

Going direct to digital?

Use our email signature generator and digital advertisement templates.

Going direct to digital?

Download our strategy worksheets, creative brief and take to market plans.

Need digital resources for your video or digital signage?

Download the UBC brand tail and digital signage templates.

Useful Tools

Useful Tools for Everyone.

Looking for that perfect photo?

Our brand photography library helps make your content shine a little brighter across all of your channels.

Key policy and governance priorities.

Our support page has important information on policies and governance. Please be sure to review these university-wide directives.

UBC Sustainability Visual Communications Toolkit

Download assets and guidelines on how to uniquely brand your sustainability-related communications.