May 19, 2021 — Updated “Indigenous Peoples: Language Guidelines” now available

An updated version of the Indigenous Peoples: Language Guidelines is now available here.

Updates include:

    • Considerations on when to use “Indigenous peoples” vs “Indigenous Peoples”
    • Considerations for using “non-Indigenous,” including alternatives to this sometimes-polarizing antonym
    • Further context on the emergence and use of “Indigenous” as a preferred term
    • Why it’s important to be more specific than “Indigenous” when addressing First Nations, Métis or Inuit subject matter
    • When to use and not use “Nation”
    • Expanding upon oral and written land acknowledgements
    • When to use and not use an Indigenous organization’s logo
    • Updated resources/references

The guidelines were created with the advice and input of Dr. Linc Kesler, former Director of the First Nations House of Learning and Senior Advisor to the President on Aboriginal Affairs, and Kevin Ward, Research and Communications Officer from the First Nations House of Learning, as well as with consultation with colleagues at UBC Okanagan and UBC Vancouver.