We get many questions about UBC’s Open Minds Forum. These seem to come up more often than others:

OMF is not intended to be a replacement for institutional, full-population studies such as NSSE, NUBC, UES surveys. There are of course historical tracking and normative data reasons for those studies. The Open Minds Forum can provide more tactical investigations underneath any trends that are identified in those studies. In this way,Open Minds surveys can augment institutional surveys.

The representation and distribution of the Open Minds panelists are consistent with actual stakeholder group compositions. We have reasonable assurance that we are capturing representative voices. Please see the about panelist section.

Given a robust sample, data from Open Minds surveys are equally reliable as other online surveys. However, as with any survey research, there are certain response biases that can make their way into the results. It is important to know that survey research is best used to inform decisions, not make them.

Please see the eligibility for joining the Open Minds Forum.

Typical response rates to Open Minds surveys range from 15% to 40%, depending on the level of engagement around the survey topic.

OMF uses Vision Critical VC Insight Communities. Vision Critical is a technology leader in self-service, online panel technology. Vision Critical is a local provider and all data and systems reside within Canada.

All data collected through the Open Minds Forum reside within Canada. Additionally, Vision Critical implements appropriate security measures to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under the access and control of the panel platform. Also see the Open Minds Privacy Policy.

Generally speaking, “research” through the Open Minds Forum does not require Research Ethics Board review and approval. According to Section 7.8.4 of UBC’s Policy #89, research relate to: “quality assurance and quality improvement studies, program evaluation activities and performance reviews, or testing within normal educational requirements when used exclusively for assessment, management or improvement purposes” is exempt from REB review.